What is a Doulatog, Anyway?

After completing my doula training with Nurturing Birth, I knew I wanted to set up my business framed both around my family photography services, as well as my doula skills. Through this I landed on the term “doulatog,” which is as simple as it sounds - someone who simultaneously fills the roles of both a doula + photographer! With the unique role that doulas play - as birth partners, birth attendants, as emotional and practical support and so much more - the role of birth photographer is one that many doulas take up during the experience as well. 

My approach to being a doula - as well as to being a doulatog - is to be a calming anchor and reassuring presence for the couples and individuals I work with, to hold space for them and to help them experience a birth that feels fulfilling to the plan (or plans!) they wanted. With my documentary and photography background, I’m uniquely able to also be an observer in the birth space, documenting the experience of birth in all of its beauty and raw reality! 

The balance between being a birth photographer and a doula is something I work to determine with my clients - what is most important to them in the various types of support I can offer, and what are their preferences depending on how the birth unfolds. Sometimes labor is fairly straightforward and the birthing person is content to have me photographing away, while other times things might be a bit more high energy and putting the doula hat on becomes more critical. It’s truly an organic process, as most doula work is - originating from the relationship I build with my clients and the expectations we set together in our antenatal sessions! 

I love being a doulatog, as it’s a natural extension of the things I love doing and what drew me to this work in the first place. Supporting birthing people through their birth experience and also helping to capture that experience for them are two things I feel truly lucky to do! If you are interested having me be your doulatog (or just a doula, or just a birth photographer - all to your preference!) I would love to chat with you - please do reach out to me via the Bookings link above! xx

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