Update for 2022 

Please note that I am not currently offering doula services due to current work and scheduling commitments. Please feel free to reach out to me for recommendations of other local London-based doulas! 

Doula Services

After a highly positive, unassisted birth experience of my own, I was drawn to becoming a doula as I felt compelled to help other birthing people in their own experiences. My aim is to hold space for you, helping to support you to have as positive a birth as possible - whether that be a natural, epidural assisted, a planned c-section or otherwise. I think birth is one of the most unique and powerful experiences we go through, and I would be honored to join you and support you in your journey. 

I completed my doula training with Nurturing Birth in the UK in the summer of  2020.  You can find my listing on their directory here. I am currently offering birth doula services, with a service focus on North London though I am available across the London metro area. I have the unique ability to pair my doula skills and training with my photography, and can offer you unique packages for birth and postpartum support that also combine intimate photographic captures of these life-changing moments. 

I support families of all types, and with any type of birth you are planning. All kinds of births are beautiful, and as a doula my clients and their choices are of the utmost importance to me. 

Birth Doula Support

Birth is an incredible, life-changing experience. In today's medical landscape however, it can often become complex and confusing for parents to navigate in the moment, leading to feelings of disappointment or dissatisfaction around the birth experience. My aim is to provide evidenced-based information to help you make the right choices for you and your family, and to support you emotionally and practically during your birth. I will help you in crafting a birth plan which feels right for you, as well as coming up with the plan B's and C's to prepare for the unexpected. Ultimately my role is to make sure your desires are met and that you have the most fulfilling birth experience, feeling that you've owned it and that your choices have been honored and respected.  

  • Two antenatal sessions 
  • 24/7 on call period from 38-42 weeks
  • Attendance at birth 
  • One postnatal visit 
  • Ongoing phone, e-mail, and message communication

Postnatal Doula Support 

In today's modern world, we have less community around us to help us with the postnatal healing process, as well as supporting during the transition to new parenthood. I believe it's essential for birthing people to have time to rest, recover, and be served and nourished while they bond with their new baby. 

I am available to help support you during the postpartum period by helping with making you nourishing meals, doing light cleaning, watching the baby so you can rest or shower, running errands, or just being available to help you talk through your emotions as you navigate this new chapter! 

Please note that due to my schedule at the moment, I am not currently available for postnatal doula support. 

Birth Photography and Doula-Tog 

With my photography experience, I am also uniquely able to provide you both with doula support and assistance as well as documentation of your birth. This package includes all of the support I would provide antenatally as a doula, as well as birth photography and doula support services during your birth. 

  • Two antenatal sessions 
  • 24/7 on call period from 38-42 weeks
  • Attendance at birth and birth photography 
  • One postnatal visit 
  • Online gallery of 150-200 high resolution images
  • Ongoing phone, e-mail, and message communication

Bespoke Packages

I am happy to create custom packages that combine any number of the services I offer - maternity photography sessions, antenatal and postnatal support, birth photography, newborn photography and more. Please reach out if you'd like to create something unique! 

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